Monday, July 16, 2012

Project Bones


BonesMission: To count the number of times Dr. Leonard McCoy utters the sentence “He’s dead” – or a close variation – during the run of Star Trek TOS as well as the TOS movies.

Mission addendum: Incorporation of TAS into Project Bones may occur, dependent upon time frame.

Report 1

Following an intensive eight-episode outing, the total stands at four (4). They are: Dead, Jim.” “He’s dead.” “He’s dead, Jim.” “He’s dead.”

The eight-episode arc of Report 1 included two in which Bones did not appear on screen (Where No Man Has Gone Before and What Are Little Girls Made Of).

In the Naked Time, Nurse Chapel says “He’s dead, doctor.” but of course that instance does not fall within the purview of Project Bones.

Further reports forthcoming …