Thursday, September 9, 2010

New notebook, fresh start

 The age of the computer. The digital age. Call it what you will,  there’s one thing that owning a wonderfully time- and attention-sucking laptop hasn’t changed for me.Stationery

My stationery fetish.

I haven’t done the back-to-school thing in more years than I care to count, but the annual rollout of fresh, unadulterated notebooks, binders, Post-It Notes, pens, highlighters, pencils and erasers turns my head to a degree that’s akin to a sighting of Hugh Jackman without a shirt.

You don’t know me, but that’s really saying something.

I glory in shelves filled with daybooks and address books, crisp stationery (despite having handwritten but a single letter in the past nine months), calendars and journals. I revel in colorful rows of paper clips, thumbtacks and rubber bands.

Like most people, I primarily use office supplies at, appropriately, the office.

That’s a problem. Procurers of said office supplies have no sense of taste or whimsy – oh, OK, a limited budget. Plain yellow Post-Its? Boring, blue, dime-a-dozen ballpoint pens?

Inconceivable! Journals

So I’m a BYOOS (bring your own office supplies) kind of woman - replacing the office Post-its with my multicolored, variously-shaped, lined, super-sticky Post-Its, the boring ballpoints with multicolored felt pens (though red steadfastly remains my favorite). A special touch? Multicolored Sharpie highlighters of different widths to mark off accomplishments. (I’m also big on list-making).

But don’t worry – I bring home the plain yellow Post-its to use as spoon rests.

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